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A.K.A epub conversion, mobi conversion

Publishers, Bookmakers, editors have been dependent on a design that could go on to four squared paper and now they got a relief out of that..

Although Tablets, eReaders and Phones are four squared, designed need not be so static any more

Do you know you can convert your books into:

  • Fixed layout ebook - Exact replica of your print book
  • enhanced ebook - A book that is uplifted from print from and made it suitable in digital environments, like embedding audio, video and other features
  • Interactive ebooks: An eBook that is not only just enhanced, but you can interact by answering questions, playing games, drawing and many other tasks
  • Responsive ebooks: These ebooks are very dynamic and nature and will work on pretty much any screen size. (This kind of ebooks are very helpful for publishers, who would love to have one file for different screen sizes. Readers will also love you as publisher as you are not restricting readers to read only on one device.)
  • Book as an APP: When your book want to perform extraordinarily well and your book has special features.. try BAAA feature

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