Interactive ebooks

Experience the new media

Remember the phrase "Reading between the lines"?, delivering deeper impact beyond a written syllable is now possible though interactive ebooks. 

Back then, interactive books are delivered using flash / high end programming and some of these technologies has limitations. HTML5 conversion is playing integral part in making interactive ebooks.

We at Apex solutions, not only make interactive ebooks, but also strive to push these ebooks, device independent. Thanks to the responsive layouts in ebooks, we are adopting new technologies to deliver nothing but best to our customers

Some of the interactions we are masters in:

  • Interactive image galleries & slideshows
  • Interactive tables, charts and graphs
  • 3d Embedding 
  • Self assessments, tests, quiz
  • Custom HTML5 complaint interactions i.e. drag n drop, maps, menus etc
  • Video and Audio
  • embedded glossary items
  • Offline evaluation without connecting to internet
  • Animations and games

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