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Typesetting Services 

A.K.A. composition / Pagination 

Books are integral part of our life. Although 'Author' and 'Language' are core of a book; Book Design plays a vital role to make a book appealing to the reader.

Our Book Design / Typesetting services can be a visual treat to readers. We not only ensure the context is understood visually, but we will also ensure a right message is spread through our design. We have a large pool of compositors who are talented to typeset

  • Educational books - Visually appealing colors
  • Journals - Cost effective yet communicative design
  • Higher education books - Informative, appealing and compressed design
  • Major reference works - Informative and referable design
  • Fiction books - Engaging and curious design

Typesetting Softwares'/Process we support:

  • Adobe Indesign
  • Latex
  • Page marker
  • MS word
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • XML first typesetting

Languages we support:

  • English Typesetting
  • German Typesetting
  • Spanish Typesetting
  • French Typesetting
  • Dutch Typesetting
  • Italian Typesetting

The only way to feel confident is to see what we can offer you, write to us and claim your free sample.